Yuuko Uchikoshi Tonkovich


Position Title
Associate Professor, School of Education


Research Interests

Bilingualism, Language and literacy development, Educational television and multimedia. 

Selected Publications

Uchikoshi, Y. (2014).  Development of vocabulary in Spanish-speaking and Cantonese-speaking English Language Learners.  Applied Psycholinguistics, 35 (1), 119-153.

Uchikoshi, Y. (2013). Predictors of English reading comprehension: Cantonese-speaking English language learners in the U.S.  Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 26(6), 913-939.

Leung, G. & Uchikoshi, Y. (2012).  Relationships among language ideologies, family language policies, and children’s language achievement: A look at Cantonese-English bilinguals in the U.S.  Bilingual Research Journal, 35(3),294-313.

Uchikoshi, Y. & Marinova-Todd, S.  (2012).  Vocabulary and early literacy skills of Cantonese-speaking English language learners in the U.S. and Canada. Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 25(9), 2107-2129.

Hammer, C., Jia, G., & Uchikoshi, Y.  (2011).  Language and literacy development of bilingual preschoolers growing up in the United States: A call for research.  Child Development Perspectives, 5(1), 4-9.

Uchikoshi, Y. & Maniates, H. (2010). How does bilingual instruction enhance English achievement?: A mixed-methods study of Cantonese-speaking and Spanish-speaking bilingual classrooms. Bilingual Research Journal, 33(3), 1-22. 

Marinova-Todd, S. & Uchikoshi, Y.  (2010).  The role of L1 on the oral language development in English: The case of Chinese and Spanish.  In A.Y. Durgunoglu  &  C.Goldenberg  (Eds.).  Language and Literacy Development in Bilingual Settings.  NY: Guilford.

Reyes, I. & Uchikoshi, Y.  (2009).  Emergent literacy in immigrant children: Home and school environment interface.   In E. Grigorenko and R.Takanishi (Eds.).  Immigration, Diversity, and Education.  Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group.  

Uchikoshi, Y. (2008).  Effects of television on language and literacy development. In A.G. Bus & S.B. Neuman (Eds.).  Multimedia and Literacy Development: Improving Achievement for Young Learners. Oxford: Taylor & Francis.

Uchikoshi, Y. (2006).  English vocabulary development in bilingual kindergartners: What are the best predictors? Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 9(1), 33-49.

Uchikoshi, Y. (2006).  Early reading development in bilingual kindergarteners:  Can educational television help?  Scientific Studies of Reading, 10 (1), 89-120.   

Uchikoshi, Y. (2005). Narrative development in bilingual kindergarteners: Can Arthur help? Developmental Psychology, 41 (3), 464-78.  (This study met the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) evidence standards, resulting in a WWC review)