Alumni- Masters in Child Development

Ryan Hodge – Spring 2020
Thesis: Social Motivation and Emotion Regulation Predict Prosociality in Mexican-Origin Adolescents
Position: PhD program in Human Development, UC Davis

Lionor Galindo – Fall 2019
Thesis: Parent-Child Interactions Influence on Pre-School Aged Children's Weight and Dietary Intake
Position: Registered Behavior Technician, Positive Pathways LLC

Andrea Buhler-Wassmann – Spring 2019
Thesis: Maternal Bedtime Behaviors, Infant Emotion and Actigraphy-Recorded Sleep in Mexican Origin Infants
Position: PhD program in Human Development, UC Davis

Shannon Peiffer – Spring 2019
Thesis: Daily Associations between Class Respect, Peer Support and Academic Efficacy for College STEM Majors
Position: Research Data Analyst, California Department of Health Care Services

Colette Ankenman - Winter 2019
Thesis: What Components of a Curriculum Lead to Authentic Youth Community Engagement? 
Position: Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, St. Mary's College

Mariya Chernenok – Fall 2018
Thesis: Impaired Attention Shifting in Young Children with Fragile X Syndrome
Position: PhD program in Human Development, UC Davis

Maria Usacheva – Spring 2018
Thesis: Predicting Mental Health Services Use in Children Referred to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Position: PhD program in Human Development, UC Davis

Deidre Cain – Spring 2017
Thesis: Investigating Strategies for Gaining Child Attention as an Active Ingredient of the Early Start Denver Model
Position: Program Supervisor, Easter Seals Bay Area

Jakeem Lewis – Spring 2017
Thesis: Problem Solving for Cross-Ethnic Friendship Formation and Friendship Satisfaction during the Transition to College
Ph.D. program in Human Development, UC Davis
Position: Research Data Specialist, California Department of Health Care Services

Lauren Bullard – Winter 2017
Thesis: Distance Delivery of a Parent-Implemented Language Intervention for Young Boys with Fragile X Syndrome and their Biological Mothers
Position: Ph.D. program in Human Development, UC Davis

Rebecca Shields – Fall 2017
Thesis: Examining the Feasibility of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Training in Health Adults
Position: PhD. Program in Human Development, UC Davis

Rachel M. Turner–Spring 2016
Completion by EXAM

Hillary Schiltz–Spring 2016
Thesis: Examining Electrodermal Activity During Face Processing in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Parents

Lindsay Forte–Summer 2015
Thesis: When Should We Intervene? PCIT for Foster Children in Reunification
Position: Training Coordinator, UC Davis PCIT Training Center

Julia Singleton–Summer 2015
Thesis: The M Factor: Domain Specific Versus Global Mindsets
Position: Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento

Stephanie Novotny–Fall 2014
Completion by EXAM

Vreni Barrios–Fall 2014
Thesis: Contributions of Maternal Discourse to Children's Empathic and Prosocial Behaviors

Heather Howard–Fall 2014
Thesis: Imagined Contact and its Impact on the Stigma of Mental Illness: Relationship and Secondary Transfer Effects
Position: Analyst, California Department of Social Services

Jessie Cheon Kim–Spring 2014
Thesis: Parasympathetic Regulation and Inhibitory Control in Emotional versus Non-Emotional Contexts

Kristina Gelardi–Fall 2013
Thesis: Peer Experiences and Depression Symptoms Influence Memory for Faces in Adolescent Girls
PhD student at UC Davis majoring in Human Development; completed Spring 2017

Jeong Ah (Joy) Choi–Summer 2013
Thesis: Predicting Children’s Social-Emotional Functioning in Middle Childhood Using Repeated Measurements of Early Attachment Security

Michelle Wong–Summer 2013
Thesis: Do Mommy and Daddy Have a Favorite?: Sibling Closeness, Perceived Parental Favoritism, and Sibling Conflict during Adolescence
Assistant Director at St. Joachim Preschool

Carolyn Sutter–Summer 2013
Thesis: Parenting and School Readiness in Low-Income Families: What Can Be Gained from Examining Everyday Contexts of Interaction and Children's Self-Regulation
PhD student at UC Davis majoring in Human Development; completed Spring 2017

Natalie Sadler–Spring 2013
Thesis: Body Dissatisfaction, Gender, and Pubertal Status in an Ethnically Diverse Sample: A Longitudinal High School Study 
PhD student at UC Davis majoring in Human Development

Saba Torabian-Spring 2013
Thesis: Long-term Analogical Retrieval in Cultural Context
Lecturer; California State University, San Jose

Maricela Plascencia-Winter 2013
Thesis: Adolescent Work in Relation to Delinquency and Substance Use: A Look at Single and Two-Parent Families 
Behavior Therapist for STE Consultants

Mayra Sanchez-Winter 2013
Thesis: Counter-story of an Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Mother of a Mixed-Legal Status Family: A source of Empowerment for her Children
PhD student at UC Davis majoring in Geography

Christian Scales-Fall 2012
Completion by EXAM
GS-11 English Instructor, United States Air Force

Caitlin Garcia-Summer 2012
Thesis: Nonverbal and Vocal Behavior in Mother-Child Emotion Conversations: Links to Emotion Understanding
Children’s Center Teacher II at Google

Lisa Cordeiro-Spring 2011
Thesis: Clinical Assessment of DSM-IV Anxiety Disorders in Fragile X Syndrome: Prevalence and Characterization
Development Specialist for Department of Neurology with Children’s Hospital, Colorado

Cheryl Davis-Spring 2011
Thesis: What Are They Doing Now: Employment Outcomes of Emancipated Foster Youth 
Director of Human Services for Placer county Health and Human Services

April Sanders Masarik-Spring 2011
Thesis: Romantic Relationships in Early Adulthood: Influences of Family, Personality, and Relationship Cognitions
PhD student at UC Davis majoring in Human Development

Natalie Lambdin-Shirley-Winter 2011
Thesis: Effectiveness of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) with Substance Abusing Mother-Child Dyads

Alyssa Chavez-Summer 2010
Thesis: Physiological Correlates of Social Behavior: A Study of Electrodermal Activity in Children and Adolescents
Research Manager at Empirical Education Inc.

Rakel Larson-Winter 2010
Thesis: Children's Reports of Hurt and Touch Using Human Figure Drawings
PhD student at UC Riverside majoring in Psychology

Michelle Zozaya-Fall 2009
Thesis: Parent-Child Synchrony and Children's Social Competence in Early Childhood
Behavior Consultant for Advance Kids

Traci Bertuldo-Fall 2009
Thesis: Parental Contributions to Social Information Processing: How Do Young Children Acquire Social Cognitions?

Megan Wolohan-Summer 2009
Thesis: The Relationship Between High School Student Engagement and School Outcomes A School-Level Analysis
Preschool Teacher for Montessori de Terra Linda

Melissa Paoloni-Summer 2009
Thesis: Mentors and Educational Aspirations: A Model for Latino Educational Achievement
Instructor, in the Department of Early Childhood Education, Sacramento City College

Chanelle Gordon-Summer 2009
Thesis: The Effects of Parental Control in Adolescence: A Cross-Cultural Study

Antonia Hirson-Fall 2008
Thesis: The Belief Systems of Mothers of Young Children with Autism: Correlates to Perceptions of Early Intervention Programs
Special Education Teacher with the Davis Joint Unified School District

Jeslin Hancock-Fall 2008
Thesis: Social Preference in 24-Month-Old Children with and without Autism

Courtney Barlett-Fall 2008
Completion by EXAM

Susan Harris-Winter 2008
Thesis: Autism Profiles of Young Males with Fragile X Syndrome

Lindsay Juricich-Fall 2007
Thesis: Emotional Availability: A Comparison of Foster and Biological Mother-Child Dyads During Participation in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Community Heath Representative for CAARE Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Aseen Zawaydeh-Spring 2007
Thesis: The Role of Language in Infants Object Representation System

Laura Landon-Spring 2007
Completion by EXAM

Christina Maluenda-Winter 2007
Completion by EXAM

Megan Sutter Jow-Fall 2006
Completion by EXAM

Nancy Hafer-Spring 2006
Thesis: Individual Differences in Baseline Asymmetry and Emotional Processing
Academic Coordinator for the Northern California Training Academy with the UC Davis Extension

Gregory Fosco-Spring 2006
Thesis: Expanding the context of Socialization: An Examination of Mother-Child and Father-Child Interactions During Play
Associate Professor, Penn State Univ, Human Development and Family Studies

Kelly Parsell-Winter 2006
Thesis: Science Learning and Teaching Environments in Home school