Ross Thompson

Ross Thompson

Position Title
Professor of Psychology


Research Interests 
Early parent-child relationships; the development of psychological understanding; developmental science and public policy.

Selected Publications 

Thompson, R. A. & Newton, E. K. (2013).  Baby altruists?  Examining the complexity of prosocial motivation in young children.  Infancy 18(1), 120-133. 

Raikes, H. A., Virmani, E. A., Thompson, R. A., & Hatton, H. (2013).  Declines in peer conflict from preschool through first grade: Influences from early attachment and social information processing.  Attachment & Human Development, 15(1), 65-82. 

Thompson, R. A. (2012).  Wither the preconventional child?  Toward a life-span moral development theory.  Child Development Perspectives, 6(4), 423-429. 

Thompson, R. A. (2011).  Emotion and emotion regulation: Two sides of the developing coin.  Emotion Review, 3(1), 53-61. 

Waters, S., Virmani, E., Thompson, R. A., Meyer, S., Raikes, A., & Jochem, R. (2010).  Emotion regulation and attachment: Unpacking two constructs and their association.  Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment (Special section on The Assessment of Emotion Regulation: Improving Construct Validity in Research on Psychopathology in Youth), 32(1), 37-47.

Raikes, H. A., & Thompson, R. A. (2008).  Attachment security and parenting quality predict children's problem-solving, attributions, and loneliness with peers.  Attachment & Human Development10(3), 1-26.