Gail Goodman*

Gail Goodman

Position Title
Distinguished Professor of Psychology


Research Interests 
Dr. Goodman's research falls into two major areas: memory development and children's abilities and experiences as victim/witnesses. In the memory development area, her work explores theoretical issues concerning the relation between trauma and memory, attachment and memory, and semantic associates and memory, as well as the relation between emotion and memory. In the victim/witness area, her research focuses on children's ability to provide testimony about events they have experienced or witnessed, especially events related to child abuse, and on the psychological effects of testifying in court. She is also currently studying the effects of child abuse on emotional adjustment / psychopathology.


Selected Accomplishments

Children’s Eyewitness Memory and Suggestibility: The Role of Familiarity
National Science Foundation
G. S. Goodman, Principal Investigator

San Diego County and New Alternatives Inc.
G. S. Goodman, Principal Investigator

RAPID: Trust and Legal Socialization During the COVID-19 Pandemic
National Science Foundation
G. S. Goodman, Principal Investigator


Selected Publications 

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adults exposed to childhood violence: Remembering genital contact nearly 20 years later. 
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