Amanda Guyer

Amanda Guyer

Position Title
Professor of Human Development and Family Studies


Research Interests 
Behavioral and neural function in typical and atypical development, developmental psychopathology, mood and anxiety disorders, behavioral inhibition, social-emotional cue processing, interplay between fear and reward response systems.

Diversity Statement 
My research includes a focus on neurobiological development and risk for psychopathology in diverse populations. I am examining neurobiological indices that are sensitive to social and cultural contextual factors in Mexican-origin adolescents at risk for depression or substance use. I am also studying depression risk in an all-female sample of adolescents that is largely African-American and from low-income neighborhoods. I teach about diversity-related variation during middle childhood and adolescence in domains of development (e.g. identity) and in contexts (e.g. peers, neighborhoods). The majority of trainees in my lab are of diverse backgrounds, and I have participated with several trainees in various mechanisms focused on increasing inclusion and communication about diversity-related issues.

Selected Publications

A selected list of Dr. Guyer's publications is available here.