Robin Hansen*

Robin Hansen

Position Title
Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, Davis Medical Center and Director, Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities


Research Interests 
Dr. Hansen is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician/researcher with vast experience in treating children with neurodevelopmental problems such as pervasive developmental disorder, autism, learning disorders, and attention deficits. She heads a multidisciplinary clinic that diagnoses children, plans/initiates intervention strategies, and works closely with patient families. Her clinical research has focused on children’s temperament and its effects on parenting, long-term effects of prenatal drug exposure, etiologic diagnosis of pervasive gene-environment interactions. Dr. Hansen has developed services for families affected by parental substance abuse, infant metal health, and children in foster care in Sacramento County. She has been an advocate for children at high risk for developmental/behavioral disorders through her research and community service at the local, state and national level.

Selected Publications 

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