Richard Ponzio*

Richard Ponzio

Position Title
Emeritus Specialist of Cooperative Extension


Research Interests 
Co-Principal Investigator and Associate Director for Education, Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology, National Science Foundation.

Selected Publications 

Peterson, K., Ponzio, R., Castori, P., and Galloway, R. (Summer, 2006) “Getting creative with assessments.” Science and Children. Summer, pp. 52 – 55.

Ponzio, R. and McKenna, M. (2004) “Science literacy in the crucible of service learning: Rigor and relevance – developing connections between science, education, community and career.” The Researcher. 18 (1).

Ponzio, R. and Enfield, R. (2004) “From Dewey to doing: How experiential education theory can be effectively used as a best education practice.” In (Andrews, E. et al) Conference Proceedings of best education practices for water outreach professionals: Defining best education practices, refining new resources and recommending future actions. University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension, Madison Wisconsin 2004.

Ponzio, R., (2000) “Adolescents as effective teachers of child science.” In Braverman, M., Carlos,R., & Stanley, S. (Eds.) Advances in Youth Programming. Berkeley, CA. University of California Press.

Peterson, K.D., and Ponzio, R., (1999) “A structural analysis of adolescent scientific activity and learning.” Journal of Research and Development in Education. Vol. 32 No.4. Summer