Kevin Grimm*

Kevin Grimm

Position Title
Associate Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University


Research Interests 
Multivariate methods for the analysis of change, multiple group and latent class models for understanding divergent developmental processes, and cognitive/achievement development.

Selected Publications 

Grimm, K. J., An, Y., McArdle, J. J., Zonderman, A. B., & Resnick, S. M. (2012). Recent changes leading to subsequent changes: Extensions of multivariate latent difference score models. Structural Equation Modeling, 19, 268-292.

Skibbe, L. E., Grimm, K. J., Bowles, R. P., & Morrison, F. J. (2012). Literacy growth in the academic year versus summer from preschool through second grade: Differential effects of schooling across four skills. Scientific Study of Reading, 16, 141-165.

Campbell, I. G., Grimm, K. J., de Brie, E., & Feinberg, I. (2012). Sex, puberty, and the timing of sleep EEG measured adolescent brain maturation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 5740-5743.

Grimm, K. J. (2012). Intercept centering and time coding in latent difference score models. Structural Equation Modeling, 19, 137-151.

Grimm, K. J., Ram, N., & Hamagami, F. (2011). Nonlinear growth curves in developmental research. Child Development, 82, 1357-1371.

Grimm, K. J., Ram, N., & Estabrook, R. (2010). Nonlinear structured growth mixture models in Mplus and OpenMx. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45, 887-909.