Helen Fann


Position Title
Graduate Student


Major Professor: Dr. Zhe Chen

I am an incoming master’s candidate. I recently graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in psychology and a B.S. in human development. My undergraduate career was largely marked by my involvement in working with children and in research. I began teaching in high school and continued to do so throughout college. In undergrad, I expanded my horizons and began researching the efficacy of different therapies and treatments for Asian Americans under the guidance of Dr. Nolan Zane and Dr. Lauren Berger. It was my exposure to studying minorities and their experiences with streamlined treatments that sparked my interest in studying cognitive development. During the time I spent working with grade school students, I witnessed many students, particularly those who are also English language learners and/or minorities, struggling to grasp material dictated by the standardized curricula. My research interest and focus therefore lie in understanding the cognitive abilities of students of diverse backgrounds. Doing so will hopefully aid in the process of revising public education standards so that all students are able to not only learn but thrive under them. Outside of school, I enjoy watching blockbuster and indie films in theaters and other activities that allow me to stay indoors to avoid the sun.