Emily J. Solari

Emily Solari

Position Title
Associate Professor


Research Interests 
Early identification and intervention of children at-risk of reading disability; the relationship between language development and literacy development; reading development in struggling readers.

Selected Publications 

Solari, E.J., Aceves, T., Richards-Tutor, C.A., Leafstedt, J., Filippini, A., Gerber, M. (in press). Longitudinal Prediction of 1st and 2nd Grade English Oral Reading Fluency in English Language Learners: Which early reading and language skills are better predictors? Psychology in the Schools. 

Solari, E.J., Petscher, Y., Folsom, J.  (in press) Differentiating Literacy Growth of ELL students with LD from other High-Risk Subgroups and General Education Peers: Evidence from Grades 3-10. Journal of Learning Disabilities.

Richards C.A., Solari, E.J., Leafstedt, J., Gerber, M.M., Filippini, A. (in press). Defining response and non-response for within a Response to Intervention Model with English  language learners: Models for determining response and characteristics of students. Assessment for Effective Intervention.

Zucker, T.A., Solari, E.J., Landry, S.H., Swank, P.R. (2013). Effects of a brief tiered language intervention for pre-kindergarteners at risk. Early Education and Development 24, 366-292.

Landry, S.H., Smith, K., Zucker, T.A., Swank, P., Crawford, A., Solari, E.J. (2011) The Effects of a Responsive Parenting Intervention on Parent-Child Interactions during Shared Book Reading. Developmental Psychology, online first publication. doi: 10.1037/a0026400

Denton, C., Solari, E.J., Ciancio, D., Hecht, S.(2010) An Evaluation of Kindergarten Summer 
School Reading Program in High Poverty Urban Schools. Elementary School Journal, 110, 423-439.

Anthony, J. L., Aghara, R. G., Solari, E. J., Dunkelberger, M. J., & Williams, J. M. (2010) 
Quantifying phonological representation abilities in Spanish speaking preschool children. Applied Psycholinguistics, 32, 19-49.

Anthony, J.L., Solari, E.J., Branum-Martin, L., Williams, J. (2009) The relationship between 
alphabet knowledge, vocabulary and phonological awareness in Spanish-speaking 
preschool English language learners. Scientific Studies of Reading, 13, 535-564.

Shapiro, E., Solari, E.J. Petscher, Y. (2009) Use of a Measure of Reading Comprehension to 
Enhance Prediction on the State High Stakes Assessment. Journal of Learning and 
Individual Differences, 18. 316-338.

Solari, E. J. & Gerber, M.M. (2008) Early Comprehension Development of Spanish-speaking 
English Language Learners. Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, 23 155-168.

Swanson, H.L., Rosko, K. Solari, E.J., Gerber, M.M (2007) Influence of oral language and 
phonological awareness on children’s bilingual reading. Journal of School Psychology, 45, 361-376.


Chancellor's Fellow Award 2017