Photo of graduate student Elizabeth Morgan
  • Major Professor: Dr. Aubyn Stahmer

Interests: Culture/Neighborhood/Society, Early Autism Intervention

Life Phases: Early Childhood


Elizabeth Holliday Morgan, Ed.M., is a Ph.D. Candidate in Human Development at UC Davis. An educator by training, she holds a Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has supported Early Childhood practitioners in utilizing developmentally appropriate practice and inclusion strategies since 2004. Elizabeth works as a program coordinator for the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the MIND Institute. Her area of focus includes Early Childhood and Early Intervention Services with a specific interest in under-represented populations. She has co-authored a publication titled “Caregiver Voices: Cross-Cultural Input on Improving Access to Autism Services” published in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities and has several additional publications under review. In 2019 Elizabeth was the lead writer and project manager for a $92,000 grant awarded to the CEDD from the Department for Developmental Services Disparity Grant Funds to create video modules to address disparities in access to early intervention services for families in the Black and Latinx communities of Northern California.  Elizabeth works as a graduate researcher at the MIND Institute and recently completed an NIH T36 Training grant with the Global Alliance for Training in Health Equity Research (GATHER) program where she spent a month interning for the African Population Health Research Center in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s also an elected Board member for the Association for University Centers in Disabilities (AUCD) from her work as an ASD parent activist. She is also a parent of a child with Autism and is an active board member for Warmline Family Resource Center in Sacramento, CA. When she isn’t thinking about autism service equity, Elizabeth enjoys the theater and spending time with her family and their dog, Billie Jean. 


Selected Accomplishments

Research Grants

• UC Davis Human Development Graduate Group Graduate Student Summer Research Grant, $1500
• UC Davis MIND Institute Research Seminar Series award for International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) proposal, Research Stipend, $200
• UC Davis Graduate Student of Color Summer Research Grant. $500
• NSAR Summer Research Internship in Autism and Cultural Diversity. In recognition of the increased need for the field of autism to incorporate global perspectives and issues of cultural diversity in scientific research, the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) sponsors the summer research internship to increase research on cultural diversity issues relevant to autism. $4500 (Postponed due to COVID19).

• UC Davis MIND Institute Graduate Research Assistantship in Collaborative START Lab, $28,000, PI: Aubyn Stahmer. AIR-B Grant, 2019-2020, Role on grant: graduate research assist.
Training Grant
Global Alliance for Training in Health Equity Research (GATHER) Doctoral/Postdoctoral Fellow (September 2019 – March/May 2020) 
NIMHD # 1T37MD014251 Global Alliance for Training in Health Equity Research (GATHER)
MPIs: Gina Lovasi and Alex Ezeh. Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health, $14,000 plus travel and living accommodations to global site.

• UC Davis MIND Institute Graduate Research Assistantship in Collaborative START Lab, $28,000


• UC Davis Human Development Graduate Group Merit Research Award for Summer Research, $1,900
Travel Grants
• UC Davis Human Development Graduate Group Travel Award to present at the Pan-African Congress on Autism conference in Nairobi, Kenya, $500


Selected Publications

Stahmer, A.C., Vejnoska, S., Iadarola, S., Straiton, D., Segovia, F., Luelmo, P., Morgan, E.H., Lee, H.S., Javid, A., Bronstein, B., Hochheimer, S., Cho, E., Aranbarri, A., Mandell, D., McGhee Hassrick, E., Smith, T., & Kasari, C. (2019). Caregiver voices: Cross cultural input on improving access to autism services.  Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. 

Morgan, E.H. (2019).  And I will tell you this”: Single, Black Mothers using Cultural Capital in Schools. Section of manuscript printed in the 2019 American Educational Research Association Paper Repository for the 2019 AERA conference held in Toronto, Canada.   


Service Activities for University and Professional Committees

•    American Educational Research Association (AERA) Qualitative Research Graduate Student Support Committee, 2019-2020.  
•    Human Development Graduate Group Admission Committee (2-year appointment), 2018-present.  
•    University of California Diversity Faculty Recruitment Committee (1-year), 2018-2019.
•    Co-Founder of the UC Davis Ronald E. McNair Graduate Group. A network of first-generation college graduates that were McNair Scholars during their undergrad in various colleges throughout the US but are completing their graduate training at UC Davis. Our goal is to provide support to the UC Davis McNair program for undergraduates, 2016-2018.  
Conference Planning Committee 
•    Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act (Autism CARES Act) Conference Planning Committee, in person grantee conference planning committee 2019. July 18-19, 2019: Ten Years of Autism CARES Act Programs: Improving the Lives of People with ASD/DD, their Families, and Communities. Washington, DC  
•    UC Davis MIND Institute Summer Institute conference planning committee, 2014-present.
•    Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act (Autism CARES Act) Conference Planning Committee, virtual conference planning committee 2018. September 5, 2018: Ways ableism impacts the autistic community. October 5, 2018: Spotlighting on promising practices. October 29, 2018: Implementation for promising practices for combatting ableist practices in research and direct service.   
Internal Guest Speaker
•    Guest lecturer for Human Development Field Work undergraduate course. Topic: Developmental Disabilities and Adolescence, November 12, 2019.  
•    Returning guest speaker on Autism and Family Engagement topics for the Autism Research and Training Program (ARTP Post-Doc Training Program) at the UC Davis MIND Institute, 2014-present 
•    Returning guest speaker on Autism and Family Engagement topics for the Student Study Module Training Program (Mini-course on Disabilities for 2nd year Medical Students at UC Davis) at the UC Davis MIND Institute, 2014-present.
Mentorship Activities 
•    Mentor for 2020 UC Davis First-Generation Graduate Student Peer Mentorship Program organized by University of California Davis Graduate Studies. 
•    Mentor and Research Preceptor for the Maternal Child Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement-Undergraduate Program (RISE-UP). The MCHC/RISE UP program provides opportunities for public health education and experience to address health disparities and promote health equity by introducing highly qualified undergraduate students from underrepresented populations, as defined by the federal government. This is partnership with Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, and UC Davis, Present-2018. 
•    Human Development Graduate Mentor for incoming cohort member, Present-2016
Reviewer Activities 
•    Graduate Student Reviewer for AREA paper submissions for the 2020 Annual meeting. Reviewing for: Special Education Research SIG, Qualitative Research SIG, and Critical Educators for Social Justice (CESJ) SIG., 2019-2020 
•    Content expert reviewer for submission Autism Journal, 2018