Elisa Ugarte

Elisa Ugarte

Major Professor: Dr. Paul Hastings


Research interest(s): Emotional regulation, executive functions, parent-child relationships, adverse contexts.


Recent Accomplishments: 

Johnson, L.E., Ugarte, E. UC Network on Child Health, Poverty and Public Policy Small Grant Competition for project "The Impact of Poverty on Neurobiological Regulation in Latinx Adolescents: The Role of Environmental Risks". Total grant amount $4000.

Global Ties for Children, NYU and We Love Reading/NYU Abu Dhabi.
Fieldwork and on-site training project researchers and adapting physiological data acquisition in emergency contexts. Acquisition and analysis of stress physiology data in two randomized controlled trials with refugees in Jordan and Bangladesh using Mindware hardware and software.


Recent Publications:

Ugarte, E., Narea, M., Aldoney, D., Weissman, D.G., & Hastings, P.D. (In press) Family Risk and Externalizing Problems in Chilean Children: Mediation by Harsh Parenting and Emotional Support. Child Development. 

Gubbins, V., Ugarte, E., Cárcamo, H. (2020). Teaching Communication Styles and Their Incidence in the Participation Modes of Parents From The Perspective of Mothers of Vulnerable Groups. Propósitos y Representaciones, 8. http://dx.doi.org/10.20511/pyr2020.v8n2.408 

Valentino, K., Hibel, L.C., Spiedel, R., Fondren, K., & Ugarte, E. (in press). Differential Trajectories of Poverty Predict Salivary Cortisol Stress Responses in Mexican-origin Adolescents. Development and Psychopathology