Rebecca Handman


Major Professor: Dr. Susan Timmer


My passion is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), an evidence-based treatment for families of young children with behavior problems. I work with Dr. Susan Timmer at UC Davis Children's Hospital CAARE Center. The CAARE Center is a community mental health clinic for children with histories of trauma and abuse, as well as a PCIT research and training center active in implementing PCIT programs across the country.

I am currently developing the PCIT App, a smartphone application for therapists and caregivers. The goal of the app is to assist PCIT therapists in their training and day-to-day work, and to help caregivers succeed in treatment. Developing and evaluating the PCIT App allows me to work in multiple spheres - research, clinical practice, technology and design. I am excited about mobile technology's potential in PCIT, and grateful to be part of the PCIT community's efforts to make the world a better place for families and young children.