Amanda Lawrence

Amanda Lawrence

Major Professor: Dr. Daniel Choe


Research Interests:

Academic success or failure can substantially alter developmental trajectories, but unfortunately, not all children enter school equally prepared and ready to learn. As a former school counselor, my research focuses on the examination and elimination of barriers to school readiness in early childhood and later academic engagement. Currently, I am working on projects to identify the influence of young children’s screen time on school readiness through self-regulation and language acquisition - powerful predictors of later academic success - and to support children who have experienced trauma so that they may reap the full range of benefits offered by their schools and communities. More information can be found on our lab page and my curriculum vitae.


Recent Accomplishments:

Henry A. Jastro Graduate Research Award ($2329)
Psi Chi Graduate Research Grant ($1500) 
Judy Irwin Award


Recent Publications:

Lawrence, A. C., Narayan, M. S., & Choe, D. E. (2020). Association of young children’s use of mobile devices with their self-regulation. JAMA Pediatrics.