Alice Wuermli

Alice Wuermli


Government/Social Policy, Biological, Behavioral, Culture/Neighborhood/Society, Intervention/Prevention Science

Life Phases
Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescence/Emerging Adulthood, Adulthood


Research Profile


Research Interests

My research focuses on socio-emotional, cognitive and behavioral correlates of stress, self-regulation, and developmental/neural plasticity in at-risk populations in low-income countries as well as domestically. My work explores continuity and change in developmental trajectories where biology intersects with context. I’m particularly interested in biopsychosocial processes involved in the intergenerational transmission of violence and poverty and how interventions might break this vicious cycle. My planned research focuses on understanding the mechanisms through which interventions effect change, and how to best tailor interventions to the individual needs reflected in psychophysiological profiles.

I am currently working with a team at New York University developing a Center of Excellence for the study of transforming settings (classrooms, families, communities, etc.) aimed at enhancing children and youth's developmental opportunities in low-income countries and low-income contexts of middle-income countries. I am further serving on the project core committee to develop a network of international intervention scientists involved in human development research in low- and middle-income countries, an initiative currently lead by the International Committee of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD).

I've recently been involved in conducting a landscape analysis of interventions to foster early childhood development while preventing violence against young children in the global south funded by UBS Optimus Foundation. I was part of the organizational committee for the 2013 SRCD Preconference on "Interventions for Children and Youth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Opportunities and Challenges for Developmental Science". I’ve worked on a range of topics related to youth employment and development, and lead a World Bank study on how economic crises affect child and youth development.


Selected Publications

Wuermli, A., Silbereisen, R., Lundberg, M., Lamont, M., Behrman, J. & Aber L. (2012). A Conceptual Framework. In Lundberg, M. & A. Wuermli (eds.), Children and Youth in Crisis: Protecting and Promoting Human Development in Times of Economic Shocks (ch. 2). Washington, DC: World Bank.

Wuermli, A., Hempel, K., Aber, L. & Lundberg, M. (2012). Policies to Protect and Promote Young People’s Development during Crisis. In Lundberg, M. & A. Wuermli (eds.), Children and Youth in Crisis: Protecting and Promoting Human Development in Times of Economic Shocks (ch. 6). Washington, DC: World Bank.