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Human Development Graduate Group


  • Photo: Amanda Lawrence

    Amanda Lawrence

    Interests: Biological, Cognitive, Social-Emotional, Prevention Research, Government/Social Policy, Culture/Neighborhood/Society, Health & Mental Health, School

    Life Phases: Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescence

    Research Profile

    I am working toward an enriched understanding of of the effects of media and technology exposure, such as viewing television, playing video games, and engaging with smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, on the development of the brain, social skills, and cognitive functioning, as well as other developmental outcomes. How these effects manifest over the lifespan, and whether they are adaptive, maladaptive, or both in an increasingly wired world are of additional interest. Currently, I am working with Dr. Daniel Choe and Dr. Zhe Chen on a study that will investigate the connections between young children's effortful control and cognitive functioning and several family factors, including media and technology exposure in the home. For more information, visit our lab page.