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Human Development Graduate Group

  • Photo: Martin Smith

    Martin Smith

    Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension Youth Scientific Literacy
    At UCD since: 1996
    Interests: School; Cognitive
    Life Phases: Early Childhood; Middle Childhood; Adolescence/Emerging Adulthood; Adult

  • Research Interests
    curriculum development, educator professional development, communities of practice, lesson study, nonformal science education, inquiry-based learning, experiential learning, bio-security education, environmental education

    Selected Publications

    Young, J. C., Alexander, J., & Smith, M. H. (2013). A partnership model for training episodic environmental stewardship 4-H volunteers. Journal of Extension, 51(2), 2IAW6.

    Smith, M. H. (2013). Findings show lesson study can be an effective model for professional development of 4-H volunteers. California Agriculture, 67(1), 54-61.

    Smith, M. H., & Schmitt-McQuitty, L. (2013). More effective professional development can help 4-H volunteers address need for youth scientific literacy. California Agriculture, 67(1), 47-53.

    Smith, M. H., Worker, S. M., Heck, K. E. (2012). 4-H boosts youth scientific literacy with ANR water education curriculum. California Agriculture, 66(4), 158-163.

    Smith, M. H., & Meehan, C. L. (2012). Assessment of bio-security risks associated with 4-H animal science exhibition practices in California. Journal of Extension, 50(3), 3FEA10.

    Heck, K. E., Barnett, C. C., Carlos, R. M., & Smith, M. H. (2012). 4-H participation and science interest in youth. Journal of Extension, 50(2), 2FEA5.

    Schmitt-McQuitty, L., Smith, M. H., & Young, J. C. (2011). Preparing volunteers to meet the developmental needs of youth audiences. Journal of Extension, 49(1), 1IAW1.

    Porter, R., Guarienti, K., Brydon, B., Robb, J., Royston, A., Painter, H., Sutherland, A., Passmore, C., & Smith, M. H. (2010). Improving student lab report writing through teacher-led interventions. The Science Teacher, 77(1), 43-48.

    Smith, M. H., Meehan, C. L., & Dasher, H. S. Engaging volunteers to inform curriculum development in 4-H. (2009). Journal of Extension, 47(1), 1IAW3.

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