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Human Development Graduate Group

  • Photo: Johnna Swartz

    Johnna Swartz

    Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
    Interests: Brain Development, Stress, Genetics, Depression, Anxiety
    Life Phases: Adolescence, Young Adulthood

  • Research Interests
    My research interests include identifying genetic and brain markers that predict psychological functioning, including the development of mood and anxiety symptoms, in adolescents and young adults. I also examine environmental factors, such as stress, that moderate these associations to determine the environmental contexts that increase or mitigate risk.

    Diversity Statement
    I am certain that I would not have the research career I have today without the mentorship of a professor at my undergraduate institution, who invited me to assist with research in her laboratory and helped me discover my passion for neuroimaging and affective neuroscience. This personal experience has given me a deep appreciation of the importance of mentorship, and my goal is to offer similar opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students working in my lab. I aim to create a welcoming and supportive work environment for all students and to provide support as a mentor to help students build on the strengths that they bring to the lab. It is my hope that like my undergraduate professor, I can inspire students of all backgrounds to pursue research and explore fields of study that they may not have initially considered.

    Selected Publications

    A selected list of Dr. Swartz's publications is available here.